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Hi! I'm Stephanie, a potter living in Oakland, California. I grew up in the beautiful Hudson Valley about 60 miles north of New York City. After spending 26 years living on the East Coast I decided to move west to Oakland, California and have been here ever since. My work space is located at Standard Parts Studios, a multidisciplinary arts collective in East Oakland, California. When I'm not making things in my studio I am spending time at home with my partner and our three poorly behaved cats, or cooking up a storm in my small kitchen. I am also known for hoarding plants of all varieties.

About My Process

After graduating from design school I put pottery and mold making on hold and rediscovered watercolor painting and figure drawing. It was during this time that I developed my drawing and painting skills and portrayed the figure in a graphic and fluid way. After relocating to the West Coast I found my way back to what I love most, pottery and mold making. The patterns painted on each piece are an homage to my last few years on the East Coast. I design all forms using a mixture of 3D software and hand sketching. The sketches are brought to life by turning plaster on a small manual lathe, a process I learned while studying under a master tableware designer in art school. The plaster forms are then converted to flexible rubber masters used for duplicating slip molds efficiently. My pieces are primarily made with porcelain slip. I am drawn to the juxtaposition between the appearance and texture of porcelain when it is glazed versus raw. This aesthetic is used on many of the bowls and cups that I create.